Track Cycling

Twelve high achieving students from Year 7 & 8 were selected to represent CHS in the Manchester Schools Track Cycling Championships. The tournament consists of four track sessions. During session one students were given an introduction on how to use track bikes which are much more difficult than normal road or mountain bikes. They learnt cycling techniques, how to strap their feet in to their peddles, how to set off, speed up safely, slow down, how to cycle bends and how to un-clip out of the pedals. At the end of of session one all students completed a fast lap time trial. 

Sessions two to four involved competing head to head with other schools including Cedar Mount High School, Loreto High School and Wright Robinson Sports College. This involve one student from each school racing for one lap from a stop start with a point awarded to the rider who completes the lap first. The school who wins the most races wins the contest. The CHS team did fantastically, winning two of the three races and finishing in second place. 

"CHS students have displayed discipline, power and good technique, resulting in smooth, technically strong laps" (Mr Brownsell, Head of PE)

"I really enjoyed the feeling you get when you're pelting around the track with the air blowing in your face. For that one moment I felt like I was flying!" (Louis McCormack, Year 7)