Tomi Komoly inspires Year 9

CHS recently welcomed Tomi Komoly, Holocaust survivor, to share with our Year 9 students a powerful testimony of his life during the Second World War.

Tomi was born in 1936 in Budapest, Hungary where as a child he was forced to endure the devastating effects of Nazi persecution. His family was torn apart when the German army took control of Hungary in 1944. Tomi’s father was conscripted into the into the Hungarian Army and Tomi never saw him again. Tomi and his mother survived by hiding in the ‘safe’ houses of family friends whilst narrowly evading bombing raids, experiencing starvation and escaping capture.

We would like to thank Tomi for sharing his inspirational story and for providing our students with a powerful example of living an empathetic, compassionate and positive life.
One of our Year 9 student history students was moved to write the following:
“Today, Mr. Tomi Komoly talked to Year 9, he shared his experiences and what was happening throughout Budapest, Hungary and the rest of Central Europe during the war. The Nazis invaded Budapest and took away the Jews to concentration camps. Mr. Komoly told us about his life before, during and after the war. This helped bring to life our Holocaust studies on ELE Day and linked to a recent visit to the Imperial War Museum North. Mr Komoly told us about what happened and how we should never forget that 72 years ago, 11.5 million people died.”