Speakers for Schools

CHS welcomes Bruce Daisley, Vice President for Europe - Twitter, as part of national #Skills2030 Campaign.

We were delighted to welcome Bruce Daisley, Vice President for Europe -Twitter, to provide an inspiring presentation to over 50 Year 9 students.
During his talk, Bruce shared some of his best life lessons and advice with our students about what skills they might need for future success and how to prepare for the world of work in 2030.

This event comes as part of Speakers for Schools national campaign, What skills will young people need for work in 2030? (#Skills2030) where over 30 of the UK’s leading figures from business, tech and culture are each giving a talk at a state school, sharing insights and advice to students on how to develop their future careers. The talk series feeds into an important, on-going discussion about how young people can best prepare for an evolving job market and what skills are considered fundamental by today's leaders. By linking influential speakers with state school students, the charity hopes this campaign will inspire and empower young people for the world in 2030.Bruce focused on the ways in which we can create our own opportunities in life by standing out and grabbing someone’s attention with inventive communication. Students asked questions around his first jobs, pitfalls, mistakes and biggest successes!

Bruce Daisley, Vice President for Europe, Twitter, said:

"Attitude! - that's the biggest thing in your favour, if you're going into your first job.”

A Year 9 CHS student, said:
“I really enjoyed the talk today! Bruce had great ideas and advice to help our future careers. He was so enthusiastic and I liked his quote; ‘the only way to do great work is to love what you do’!’’

After his talk, Bruce kindly took part in a fantastic and in depth Q&A session with our BBC School Reporters and Year 9 and Year 10 students. They discussed a wide variety of subjects including; the future of Twitter and social media, freedom of speech, staying safe on line, user responsibility and the ways new technologies can be used to help organise social movements.

Ms Zoe Morris, Headteacher at Chorlton High School, said:
‘’At Chorlton High School, we believe in giving each of our students the very best of educational opportunities. We would like to thank Bruce Daisley and Speakers for Schools for providing a morning of exceptional and inspiring learning, and for helping to enrich our student’s skills and their future ambitions.’’

CHS students and staff would also like to thank Bruce and Speakers for Schools for providing such an amazing event! Our students have been given a wealth of inspiration and valuable insight from one of today's leading figures in media.

Please CLICK HERE for more information about the #Skills2030 Campaign.