Passport to Summer!

As part of the Achievement Team’s drive to ensure students have access to a wide range of cultural, social and creative capital experiences, we have launched a ‘Passport to Summer’ across Year 7.

The aim of this initiative is to encourage students in Year 7 to take part in a variety of activities during their summer holiday and widen their horizons. It is broken up into two parts;

  • ‘Getting Out and About’  – activities designed to keep their body and mind active and healthy in their local area
  • ‘Culture Vulture’ – suggestions of museums and places to visit in the Manchester area to broaden their experiences and provide learning opportunities.

Students are then asked to reflect on and share what they have done by summarising their experiences.

We have tried as much as possible to ensure that the suggested activities are free and within easy access. The activities are not compulsory but we would like to encourage as many students as possible to take part this summer!

Students have been reminded about personal safety and the need to be responsible when taking part in any activities. Please remind them of these when they are planning to take part in any event. 

We are keen to follow up in September and see how far and wide our students travelled. We encourage students to complete their passport and provide evidence, such as a picture or tram ticket to show their taking part in the activities. The passports can then be submitted when we return, and we will reward the best.

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