Local MP visits CHS

On Friday 21st April 2017, we were pleased to welcome our local MP Jeff Smith to Chorlton High School to take part in a Q&A session with some of our Year 8 students. This proved a great opportunity to engage our students with current political affairs and broaden their understanding of our countries political system. Some of the students involved wrote about their experience meeting their local MP. 


On Friday 21st April, MP for our constituency Jeff Smith, decided to visit Chorlton High School. This was a result of the Make a Stand Project that the Green Room facilitated. Pupils Ryan and Karis wrote to Jeff to make him aware of the issues that were important to them – they chose racism. Some pupils, as well as Ryan and Karis, were chosen to represent the school. They included the girls who were responsible for the Choose Love concert and fundraising for the Dunkirk Refugee Camp as well as School Council representatives.  One of the questions and topics that came up that really interested me was the funding of mental health services - he was very enthusiastic about that being a priority. There were also questions about funding of support for children in schools. On the whole, it was a very valuable experience to be able to hear the viewpoint of someone with power in Parliament.

By Jessie Tomlinson (Year 8)


On 21st April 2017, Jeff Smith came to our school, CHS. He is the Labour representative for our constituency. Some of the Green Room students took part in the Make a Stand project and wrote to Jeff Smith concerning the issue of racism in Britain. This is an inspirational topic that Jeff Smith obviously felt strongly about. It’s nice to know that we have someone who cares representing us as a community. It was also really nice to know that politicians have a life besides politics - I still can’t believe that Jeff Smith was a councilor by day and a DJ by night! Wow! It was also interesting to learn how he got into politics and how he got more and more involved as he got older. I was surprised to find out how interested he was with Abbie Pole’s question about what labour was doing about mental health. He said that to him it was very important and he seemed genuinely interested about our schools THINC room and how the teachers are very open to helping students with their wellbeing.

By Isla Martin (Year 8)


On 21st April 2017, our local MP Jeff Smith visited Chorlton High School. Pupils from our school who participated in the Make a Stand project wrote a letter to him concerning issues of racism in our community. When he came he was greeted by the School Council who talked about our fundraising and activities we do in our school. After our speeches he gave us a question and answer session. One of the many questions asked was what his top 3 priorities would be as a Labour MP if Labour were put into power after June 8th. He answered with 4 main points being the NHS, schools, housing and Brexit. It was really inspirational to meet such a respected Member of Parliament, politics and power.

By Ella McAffer (Year 8)


On 21st April, a group of Year students were invited to a Q & A sessions with Jeff Smith. Students Mirko, Ellie, Jessie, Ella and Isla started off the talk by introducing the student led activities that pupils have recently taken part in, for example the Choose Love concert. Jeff Smith is a Labour MP for South Manchester and his main job is to represent our area in Parliament. Year 8 students Karis and Ryan took part in the Make a Stand project in the Green Room and wrote him a letter about how he tackled racism in the community. I asked, “How long does it take you to travel to London on work days?” – Mr Smith said that it usually took around 2 hours by train which is quite good. A Scottish MP takes over 9 hours to commute to London so he is quite lucky! Jeff Smith was a very inspiring speaker and the students involved were all very interested in the subject of politics and asked some very sophisticated questions.

Ellie Maher (Year 8)