A journey to remember

I organised for myself and a group of friends to walk bare foot for one hour. This might sound strange and unusual but it really did make me appreciate what I have and the little things like socks and warmth.The idea was to symbolise the treacherous journey refugees make for safety every day. It was hard but we pushed through the cold and pain on our feet because it is nothing compared to refugees.

One hour is a small amount of time compared to the hour upon hour and mile upon mile that refugees have to take in bad conditions. I chatted to Miss Quinn when on the walk and she said “you have to push positivity into the universe and it will be returned.” I learned to be grateful. We should appreciate that we are safe.

Refugees go through the worst to find a place to live and just have essentials, we need to be grateful for everything we have. We can sleep where we are comfortable in warmth and feel safe.

“I thought the idea of raising money to help refugees showed real empathy and highlighted a real issue.” (Ms Henderson)

“It was a different challenge and hard but I was able to relate to refugees in a way.” (Aamani Fahiya)

“Walking on the cold floor on a cold day made me really think about the plight of refugees.” (Ms Quinn)

“I felt like I played a part in raising awareness as there is no point in talking, we need to take action.” (Obada Nami)

I would like to thank all the teachers for their generosity and donations, and all the students who did the bare foot walk with me.  Wishing the best of luck to all the refugees out there!

Written by Sarah Alrashidi (Year 11)