Great Get Together

As a key partner school working with The Challenge, we were approached by the organisation to host their Manchester school based ‘Great Get Together’ event on Friday 16th June.

‘The Great Get Together’ is an event inspired by Labour MP Jo Cox who was killed in June 2016. The aim behind our event was for students to join together to celebrate unity, peace, community spirit and the idea that “We have more in common than that which divides us”.

Given the principles driving the event, our Head Teacher Zoe Morris was keen to endorse our involvement saying that “Our school is proud to be a multi-cultural and multi-faith comprehensive school is the heart of our local community of Chorlton. Our students respect cultural diversity, value equality and champion the uniqueness in us all. The Great Get Together reflects our school values of cooperation, equity and social responsibility. It is a fantastic opportunity for us to join together, to celebrate and reaffirm our unity as one community”.

81 students from across all year groups attended the afternoon event in the Blue Box Theatre and Green Room, including 14 of our Year 6 transition students from one of our feeder primary schools, Barlow Hall. Students took part in an assembly, led by staff from The Challenge where they found out more about the inspiration behind the event and reflected on the idea of community diversity and unity. They were asked to make pledges for what they could do in their community, and also what they thought our Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham could do to improve community diversity in our city – little knowing that he would be attending the event later on that afternoon!

The assembly was then followed by a picnic and get together in the Green Room where students had lunch and took part in activities to get to know each other more. Our VIP guest then arrived, Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham and students spent time discussing the event, their community and also quizzing him with some political questions they wanted the answers to! This was followed by an amazing Ignite speech by Tyler Eckersall [Year 7], introduced by Leia and Hani and then a short speech by Andy Burnham himself.

Our event even made the news -  you can watch it online here