Extended Learning Experience

October 20th 2017 saw the first half term finish with a unique learning experience for Chorlton High school pupils. The normal school day was collapsed in favour of a range of different exciting experiences for each year group.

Year 7 spent the day with Arts and Technology and had the chance to spend all day in the subject of their choice. They explored the Mexican festival ‘Day Of The Dead’ and this was the theme for the day. This included Drama students spending the day at The Contact Theatre, baking in food tech and students made sugar skulls in Art. Year 7 had a fantastic day with outstanding behaviour and they were able to develop new skills in a fun and exciting way.

Year 8 were specialist inspectors for the day and used Science and Sport to solve a murder and utilise their forensic skills. They developed their problem solving skills in PE, this included one student locked in a cage and their team problem solving to help them escape. In the Science department, they used their practical skills to extract key evidence from the crime scene to try and discover who the murderer was.

Year 9 had a day learning about the Holocaust.  An incredibly moving day that they responded to with great empathy. Students explored different aspects of the Holocaust on a rotation of lessons. They were then lucky enough to meet a real life Holocaust survivor the following week; Tomi Komoly. He retold his experiences of the Holocaust including images and a testimony. Year 9 were a fantastic audience and were even able to ask some questions to Mr Komoly.

Year 10 had a multimedia company Dentsu visit to launch a ‘take over campaign.’ Their day focused on how multi media campaigns can be used for ethical change, for example environmental issues. They made campaigns of their choice and met media professionals such as Lad Bible who inspired them into using social media for ethical change and gave advice as to how they may work in media in the future.  

What our students had to say:

  • I liked the challenge of the Holocaust, it was really sad how they treated the Jewish people.
  • I got to go out of school on a trip, it was fun
  • I can’t wait to meet the Holocaust survivor
  • The PE session was funny, I got locked in a cage and couldn’t get out
  • PE was amazing
  • We got to make our own Dance
  • The Lad Bible talk was interesting
  • I liked making my own skull and I got to take it home
  • We got to do face paints when we had finished our sugar skulls
  • The film was good and we did a film on sexism and we filmed around school