CHS on the One Show

This half term, Year 10 students had the unique opportunity of filming a One Show production for the BBC. Featuring the fabulous BBC presenter Trish Adudu, dogs, yoga practitioners, a Mindfulness expert, a University Professor in Education and a BBC film crew this was not your average Wednesday! 

The show idea was prompted by ChildLine reporting an increase in calls from young people stressed out by exams. The One Show reacted by broadcasting a film on BBC One looking at the methods some schools are using to combat this stress. A class of Year 10 students shared their thoughts on exam stress and then tried out three different relaxation methods which are a growing trend in schools across the country. The three methods were Yoga, Mindfulness and Pet Therapy (run by the Guide Dogs association). The students were asked to complete an anonymous questionnaire before and after trying out the methods to give a non-scientific measure of how they are feeling about their exams. The results were analysed by the University Professor in Educational Psychology from John Moore's University and all methods had helped reduce stress. Yoga and Pet therapy slightly more so. 

School plan to introduce yoga as an extra-curricular club from September, getting a CHS Labrador will be up for discussion! 

All involved had a fantastic day. The BBC crew were overwhelmed by the pupils and their positivity and exemplary behaviour and attitudes. The pupils got real life experience of working with media professionals and of course ...we all got to go on the TV!

If you missed it you can watch it online here