For the past few years, Chorlton High School has signed up to take part in BBC School Report, a nationwide project to educate and inform young people about the news and the world around them.

The School Report offers students the opportunity to produce their own news reports on subjects that matter to them and engage with a real audience via BBC programmes and platforms. It encourages a hands-on approach to learning and in response, Mr A. Szmierek, Teacher of English, has set up a CHS News Team to bring our student voice to a wider audience.

Our student news team meet regularly and take part in production meetings to decide editorial direction, learn new digital skills and to research, film and edit their reports. The BBC also provides a wealth of online resources to help explain the news-making process, including lesson plans and short videos with advice and tips for our budding reporters.

Recently, our CHS News team met with Dominic Hughes (BBC Health Correspondent) to discuss and talk about his career and have enjoyed fantastic success when featured on BBC Newsround!

You can view the featured report here: LINK

Make sure to look out for more exciting CHS News Team videos in 2018.