Over thirty of our Year 8 and Year 9 students took part in the recording of a BBC NEWS - Live Lesson to mark the launch of a new BBC initiative designed to support young people to identify real news and filter out fake or false information.

BBC Live Lessons have been devised by BBC Learning to support school curriculum in an exciting and interactive way. Bringing schools, from all over the UK, together with some of the BBC's leading experts, brands and talent to create a shared learning experience.

This Live Lesson was presented by Naga Munchetty, BBC Breakfast Presenter and Ricky Boleto, Newsround Presenter, along with featured guest experts James Martin, Executive Editor of HuffPost UK and Claire Milne from the independent fact checking organisation Full Fact.

The lesson aimed to provide 11-14 year-olds with skills needed to view, analyse and evaluate the information they may find online and on social media. The programme helped our students to identify possible sources of false news and introduced them to the impact this information could have.

Our students were selected to ask a range of questions during the live broadcast, and enjoyed interacting with the presenters and guest experts whilst broadcast live to schools all over the UK.

You can read more about spotting fake news and false information, and watch the BBC NEWS - Live Lesson by clicking HERE.