12 Days of Kindness

At Chorlton High we have been working hard to create a positive community both within and outside of school. Last year we raised over £4000 for refugees and we wanted to continue our charity work into the new academic year.

Recently, we created a new community pledge; #WeStandTogether, and this has been supported across all year groups throughout our school.

As a starting action of this pledge, we have developed an Acts of Kindness calendar, running for 12 days over the festive period. Our aim is to have each form, of each year group, complete all 12 acts by the end of the 12 days and use this experience to spark discussion and ideas for further, future acts and events. Our students, along with our staff, have helped to drive our campaign magnificently, sharing random acts of kindness, good news, behaviour and practice on a daily basis.

We want to build upon all of our previous charity and community work to successfully encourage and embed a culture of kindness across Chorlton High School. Our students have already proved instrumental in this development, exhibiting numerous examples of kind and empathetic behaviour.

During our 12 Days of Kindness campaign, we have updated our Twitter feed daily, helping to spread our message further and we will continue to share our work this year by using the hashtag; #WeStandTogether.

Our Year 9 students, performing an 'Act of Kindness', helping to plant bulbs in Chorlton Park and supporting our local community!