KS3 Independent Assessments

Independent learning is an essential skill for academic success and life-long learning. We aim to develop students who:

  • Can work independently
  • Are curious and develop their own lines of enquiry
  • Ask questions
  • Understand their strengths and areas for development
  • Take ownership of their learning

FROG Learn 

With this aim we have adapted our IA structure for KS3 students over the past year to make it more personalised, interactive and engaging. We have revised the tasks set and are using the school's VLE FROG Learn to issue KS3 assignments across all subjects. 

The structure of the IA's is now based on the CHS Learning Model and provides students with the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding and to practice skills independently. It also allows staff and parents/carers to provide the direction and support to secure successful outcomes. 

For more information please click on our 'Independent Assessment Parent Booklet' in the downloads box on the right. 

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