BBC School News Report

On Thursday 10th March 2016, Year 7 and 8 students from Chorlton High School made the news for real as they took part in BBC News School Report. The BBC News School Report gives 11-16 year old students in the UK the chance to make their own news reports for a real audience.

Students began the day by gathering exciting news stories and writing dynamic scripts. They brainstormed ideas and put together a running order, before filming their footage and interviews.

The pupils were inspired by many important national and international news bulletins in their report. They chose to focus on top scientists backing the argument to stay in the EU, an elephant who found his way home through minefields in Syria and whether sporting stars are really heroes if they take performance enhancing drugs. They also presented a range of local and topical issues as well as a weekend weather forecast.  

“BBC School News Report Day was full of surprises for me. My favourite moment was filming the weather because it was so fun” (Mehtaab Rakha, Year 7)

“Today I took part in BBC School Report. First we organised roles and what we were going to do. After that we wrote scripts and looked for stories online and in newspapers. After that we filmed our stories. My favourite moment of the day was writing scripts and gathering stories” (Jude Patrick, Year 8)

“I loved working with a different group of people, researching stories and typing up reports. The whole experience has been amazing and is something I would happily repeat. My favourite moment at BBC School Report was researching international stories because it gave me more insight into what was going on in the world and encouraged me to look up things that I might not have done of my own accord” (Lois Dobson, Year 7)

“My favourite part of BBC School News Report was finding stories and writing scripts. I felt like a real journalist! We spent loads of time getting great stories and I felt like I was in my own office when we were writing the scripts. It felt great finally filming and might encourage me to be a journalist in the future”

The fun didn’t just stop there! After a productive day putting their BBC School Report together the students then got the opportunity to visit Media City to watch CBBC Newsround being filmed and to take part in a Q & A with the Newsround team.  The group collectively concluded that it was “the best school day ever”!

All of those involved worked really hard on the project all day. They learned a whole range of new skills such as camera work and script writing.  They worked as part of a team in addition to organising themselves and working to strict time deadlines.

Mrs Ransome who worked with the students throughout the day commented “it is so lovely each year to see students become journalists, find stories that they are interested in and take part in what is going on in the wider world around them”. 

Many of the students were inspired to consider a career in journalism and media at the end of the days. Future roving reporters in the making!

You can watch their fabulous production here