The Arts


Music provision and facilities at Chorlton High School are contemporary and exciting. Hosting our very own Recording Studio, three large music ICT rooms, and three practice rooms, we have great facilities to support the provision of lots of rehearsals and exciting musical performances.

As with our other Performing Arts facilities, our music facilities are also available for community use outside school hours. Currently on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings we host Manchester Music Service who provide a huge number of instrumental lessons for children in Chorlton and the surrounding areas.

Peripatetic Music Lessons

Chorlton High School offers a range of additional peripatetic instrumental lessons. These lessons offer small groups individual tuition from specialist teachers. There are additional costs for these lessons, however they are heavily subsidised by the school to help make learning a musical instrument accessible to all. 

If students have peripatetic lessons we ask that they regularly participate in at least one music group each week.  There is a vast range of extra-curricular clubs available and pupils may well enjoy a variety of different activities.

If students are interested in peripatetic music lessons, they should speak to their Music teacher for an information sheet. Students who have requested lessons will be given a timetable and pass in September and need to remember to attend the lesson each week. Any queries about the lessons please contact Mr. Scott, Curriculum Leader in Music. 

Dance facilities

The two Dance Studios at Chorlton High have proved very popular.  With floor-to-ceiling mirrors along two walls at opposite ends of the studio, in front of which are sturdy ballet rails, a continuous smooth wooden floor and full air-conditioning units, the Dance Studio is ideal for Key Stage 3 students, GCSE dancers and community dance groups.

Drama facilities

As well as the Blue Box Theatre there are also three separate drama studio spaces. These three spaces are used for drama lessons during the normal school day and after school for rehearsal space for our students. On the evening of a performance the drama studios are used as dressing rooms and performer waiting areas and are linked to the theatre via a speaker system.

In the evenings, and at weekends, community drama and music groups make good use of our facilities by providing Music, Drama and Dance to our students and the much wider community.

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