Revision Sessions

Throughout the exam season, revision sessions are scheduled for all exam candidates. Full details will be posted here. 


Please see the Revision Timetable below for the rest of the year for Year 11 students. It is subject to small changes which will be updated on the school website.

As you can see teachers from a comprehensive range of subjects have offered to give up time and come in on Saturdays and during holidays to support Year 11 with revision and exam preparation.

All students are welcome to attend any of the sessions listed, although some will be invite only depending on the department.

All sessions start at 9.30 am and go on till 12.30pm, any student arriving after 9.45am without good reason, will be turned away.

In order to adhere to our strict Health & Safety policy and ensure the wellbeing of both staff and students the following procedures need to be adhered to:

  1. Students MUST arrive promptly by 9.25am, sign in with the CHS staff member on the desk and then wait in reception. They will then be escorted to rooms. PLEASE NOTE: Any student who arrives after 9.25am will NOT be allowed to enter the session.
  2. Behaviour MUST be respectful and impeccable at all times, otherwise they may be asked to leave.
  3. Students MUST remain in the assigned department and not wander elsewhere in the building.
  4. Students should only use the facilities that they are directed and not go elsewhere in the building.
  5. At the end of the session, students should sign out and then wait to be escorted from the building at 12.30.

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