Year 10 Mock Exams

All Year 10 students will sit internal mock exams from Monday 13th February to Friday 17th February 2017. 

Below is the timetable. The exams listed will all take place in the Sports Hall. The majority of the internal exams will take place during lesson time and should not cause disruption to the school day. When not in examinations students are expected to be in normal lessons. 

All morning exams start at 8:45am so ALL students should go to registration as normal and then move to the exam hall at the start of period 1. Afternoon exams vary in start time - so students should read the notes section for clarification of start times. 

Students are expected to bring the correct equipment to each examination, be in full school uniform and know their seat numbers in advance - these will be displayed in the Atrium on the examinations boards one day before the exam.